Destructible Windshield Tag
In order to remove the copy from a label, one would have to destroy the label itself.
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Product Description

Destructible Windshield Tag take advantage of sub-surface printing where in the printed media has a protective covering.

Controlling vehicle access to individual locations – whether it’s corporate facilities, gated communities or downtown parking lots – can be a challenge. Eliminate the need for on-site staff and the hassle of stopping for a card reader with this RFID Windshield Tag. The destructible option uses strategically placed slits to ensure that it is nearly impossible to remove the tag from a windshield without destroying it, preventing unwanted tag transfer to unauthorized vehicles.

If there is a particular Destructible Windshield Tag you are searching for, but cannot find, please contact us as we will likely be able to provide Destructible Windshield Tag for you.


  • Specialized inlays read well through windshield glass.
  • Read ranges of 18+ feet*.
  • Unlimited color options with choice of up to four standard or custom colors.
  • High frequency (HF) RFID Tags available (pricing available upon request).
  • Double-sided registered option available (pricing available upon request).
  • Detailed printing process provides for great printing capabilities with detailed logos or specialized designs.
  • Destructible option prevents unauthorized vehicles from using tags transferred from authorized vehicles.
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