Custmized Windshield Tag
Custmized Windshield Tag
Custmized Windshield Tag offer a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations like a gated community, company/corporate secured parking, or even a car wash.
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Product Description

Custmized Windshield Tag utilizes passive technology and is encapsulated between thin layers of polypropylene adding human readable printing to one side and a windshield-compatible adhesive to the other. Unlike other Custmized Windshield Tag on the market, the RFID Windshield Tag utilizes passive RFID UHF technology offering a more economical option to the active windshield tags available. Encased between thin layers of polyester, the specialized inlay doesn’t require a standoff to read either through or on a glass windshield. A tamper-evident option with strategically placed slits in the label and adhesive layers is also available at no additional cost.

Specialty RFID labels take advantage of sub-surface printing wherein the printed media has a protective covering. In order to remove the copy from a label, one would have to destroy the label itself. If there is a particular Custmized Windshield Tag you are searching for, but cannot find, please contact us as we will likely be able to provide it for you.


  • Material: PVC, PET, Paper, Ceramic
  • Protocol: EPC CLASS1 GEN2, ISO 18000-6C
  • Dimensions: 110*40*0.3mm or customized
  • Chip: Alien Higgs-3/Alien Higgs-4/Impinj
  • Working Frequency: UHF 860-960MHz
  • Application: Vehicle Access Control,  Vehicle Identification, Electronic Toll Collection(ETC), Vehicle Tracking, etc.
RFID Windshield Tag
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